Sunday, September 23, 2018


It's "my" season!
Hello Everybody!
Autumn the Puppy here, coming at you at the beginning of Fall, or Autumn if you prefer. 😉
A lot of good things happen in the fall.🍂
The new TV season starts. Baseball prepares to enter the playoffs, although some people are enjoying the start of football season as well as looking forward to the beginnings of basketball and hockey, but let's face it.
Autumn is also that special time of year when the leaves begin to change color before they leave the trees and you're hopefully no longer able to cook your meals on a hot sidewalk after a long and grueling summer.
So with that in mind, here's some nice autumnal jokes from yours truly.

If money💲💰 really did grow on trees🌳, fall would be everyone’s favorite season.

Why do birds🐦 fly south in the fall?
Because it’s too far to walk.

Yes, I'm a pink elephant. Does my color matter?
Why did Humpty Dumpty have a great fall?
To make up for a lousy summer.

What did the tree say to the new fall season?
Leaf me alone.

How does an elephant🐘 get out of a tree🌳?
It sits on a leaf and waits for autumn.
But what I'm wondering is: how did the elephant🐘 get up that tree to begin with?

What is the best direction for leaves to fall?
Down, especially if they don't land in your yard.

What did one autumn leaf say to the other?
I’m falling for you.

What is the cutest season of the year?

Thanks everybody. Have a great week and please be back here again next weekend for more Sunday Funnies.—AtP.

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