Sunday, May 12, 2019


I woof you mom!
Eggcited over you mom!
Hello Everybody!
Today you have both Waxy Dragon AND Autumn the Puppy here as we honor Mothers everywhere on Mothers Day!

That's right Waxy. Let's face it, being a mother is a tough job, but somebody has to do it. Yet there's no rule that says it has to be a thankless task, so let's show Mothers everywhere some love as we have some fun. Ready?

Imagine it at the very beginning...
The expecting parents go to the hospital and the doctor walks into their room.
The doctor says, “Hello, I will be the doctor who-"
The father says, "Doctor Who? You've regenerated again! Where's the TARDIS?"
"I'm the doctor who will be delivering your baby,” the doctor says, getting to finish his statement.
The father replies, "We would rather our baby keeps her liver.”
Unfazed, the doctor says, “Hi, I’m Juan, your wife's OB GYN. I will be delivering your baby.”
The father smiles and says, “O.B. Juan, you are our only hope.”
His wife moans and says "Please leave the father’s name off the birth certificate.”

Just how much was E.T.'s bill when he phoned home to talk to his mother?

A woman was renewing her driver's license at the Motor Registration office when the counter clerk asked her to state her occupation
"I'm a mother," she said, proudly.
"We don't list 'mother' as an occupation. 'Housewife' covers it," said the clerk emphatically. 
Well, obviously the lady didn't like that, so the next time anyone asked what her occupation was, the woman replied, "I'm a Research Associate in the field of Child Development and Human Relations."

Baby snake: "Mommy, are we poisonous?"
Mother snake: "Yes, son. Why?"
Baby snake: "Because I just bit my tongue!"

One early morning, a lady went into his room to wake up her son. "Wake up, son. It's time to go to school!"
Son: "But why Mom? I don't want to go."
Mom: "Give me two reasons why you don't want to go."
Son: "Well, the kids hate me for one, and the teachers hate me, too!"
Mom: "Oh, that's no reason to not to go to school. Come on now and get ready."
Son: "Give me two reasons why I should go to school."
Mom: "Well, for one, you're 52 years old. And for another, you're the Principal!"

So remember folks.
Mothers never retire. No matter how old her children are, she is always a Mom.
Always willing to encourage and help her children in any way she can!

Take care. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, have a great week and please join us next weekend for more Sunday Funnies!—WD and AtP.

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