Sunday, August 30, 2020


Hello Everybody! Autumn the Puppy here!
First, a couple of announcements.
1. Between the pandemic and other factors, our annual Back To School Funnies🏫 have been rescheduled for September 13. 
2. Whatever the next post after this one is will be The Free Choice E-zine's 2400th Blogger entry! Barring anything unforeseen between now and then, it will probably be the September 5th Puzzle Corner.
Now then, on with the show...

Truthfully, I haven't done much lately, but I'm glad I still can do that.
The weather has been beautiful over the last few days. A great time to just kick back and relax.
Of course, the people I live with won't let me lay out in the hammock again.
Hey, it's not like I'm going to be stupid enough to do what I did last time I tried to sleep there.
I got hungry and started gnawing on the ropes, not knowing that when they were chewed through too much...
Let's just say, like Humpty Dumpty, I had a (not so great) fall.

Now then, before I begin, I want to make sure this mike is working.
If your name is Michael, please stand up.
(After those in the audience who can comply,) Okay. That concludes this Mike check.
Anyway, since I need to tell some jokes now, let me tell you what I've been pondering lately.

What do you call an ugly dinosaur?
An eyesaur.

Is it just me, or does anyone else feel that 2020 should be spelled with two bulls' eyes⦾⦾ instead of two zeroes?

I'm seriously considering dedicating my life to finding a cure for insomnia.
If I do decide to take up this cause, I won’t rest until I find it.

Here's an enigma I've yet to figure out the answer to.
What if there were no hypothetical questions?

How come everyone accepts the phrase "Have A Nice Day" but grow worried if you say "Have A Nice 24 Hours"?

Considering how things have gone so far this year, have any of you bothered to look up that person who said, "The only way I'd ever be interested in you is if the world is coming to an end."

And now, in honor of one of my favorite animated series that will soon be revived (if you have the correct streaming service to see it)...
"Are you pondering what I'm pondering?"
"I think so, but you shouldn't use big words when singularly unloquacious and diminutive linguistic expressions will satisfactorily accomplish the contemporary necessity."😮

So on that note♫, have a great week everybody. STAY SAFE! 😷 And please be back here again next weekend for more Sunday Funnies!AtP.

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