Sunday, October 4, 2020


Hello Everybody! Piper D. Katt here!
Just got up from my latest catnap and noticed I've got to post here before moving to the new sunny spot for my next catnap.
Now don't misunderstand meow.
Cats do NOT sleep 24/7, it just seems like it.
After all, who do you think is up in the middle of the night keeping you safe from rodents and other pests?
It's certainly not your pet goldfish. Although if you ever want to get rid of them...😼

Anyway, let's see what's on a typical feline agenda...

12:00 AM: The cat gets hungry and hops on top of nearest human to wake them up for food.
1:00 AM: After human finally gets up and feeds the cat, the cat gets a surge of energy and has a sudden need to play!! Cat then jumps up and down on human's chest for entertainment.
1:01 AM: After the human throws the cat off the bed, the cat jumps back up on the bed and finds the human's toes as a new toy.
1:02 AM: After the human kicks the cat off the bed, the cat gets angry and storms out of the room.
4:00 AM: Human goes to the bathroom. Cat finds this as a great opportunity to show affection for human. When human returns to the bedroom he finds the cat totally stretched out across the dead center of the bed. After human throws cat out of the bedroom and shuts the door, the cat feels upset and hurt. Cat claws and meows at the door in order to get the human's attention.
4:05 AM: Human frustrated because it is getting no sleep and has to get up to go to work at 5. The human cannot sleep because it hears the loud noises that the cat is making. Human opens the door. The cat runs into the human's bedroom and under the bed.
4:20 AM: After spending precious time trying to get the cat out from under the bed, the human gives up and collapses into its welcoming mattress.
5:15 AM: Human finally realizes alarm is going off and rushes to get ready for work.
5: 59 AM: After the human takes a shower and gets dressed for the day, it opens the front door to leave for work when the cat runs out into the yard.
6:15 AM: The human finally catches the cat and is very tired and upset he will be at least 20 minutes late for work.
6:20 AM: After being roughly thrown inside, the cat watches the human speed off. The cat then goes to sleep.
8:30 AM: After lovely slumber the cat gets busy prowling its domain. When all is declared safe, the cat then amuses itself by shedding on the furniture, eating plants, and eating the breakfast leftovers on the counter that the human forgot to put away.
3:00 PM: Very tired after such a busy day, the cat goes to the human's bed and finds comfort under the covers.
6:45 PM: The human walks in the door, coming home from work.
6:47 PM: The human is very tired and falls over on the bed in exhaustion.
6:48 PM: The human tries to calm the cat down after scaring it.
7:00 PM: The human feeds the cat and the cat forgives the human for scaring it!
9:30 PM: After eating his own dinner, the human goes to bed after watching TV with the cat.
12:00 AM: The cat gets hungry and hops on top of nearest human to wake them up for food.

Or at least, that's how the typical day goes in that household.
Your (nine) lives may vary.
On that note♫ have a great week!
And please be back here next time for more Sunday Funnies!PDK.

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