Sunday, May 8, 2022


Meow Mom!
 Hello Everybody!
Hi Mom!

Today you have both Piper D. Katt AND Koda Canine here as we celebrate MOTHER'S DAY!

That's right Koda, although this one is a bit bittersweet for me because while it's only my second turn cohosting this holiday, the first was last year with our beloved Autumn the Puppy before her untimely passing last fall. 😾

Well, this is my first and I'm honored to share the stage/screen with you so what do you say we get right to it and salute our maternals?


What did the mother bee ask the cranky baby bee to do?

What did the baby porcupine ask the cactus?🌵
Are you my mother?

Why is a computer💻 so smart?
Because it listens to its motherboard.

What did the mother broom🧹 say to the baby broom?
It’s time to go to sweep!

What did the momma horse🐎 say to her foal at night?
Its pasture your bedtime.

What kind of candy do moms love for Mother’s Day?
Her-she’s Kisses.
Who do flowers honor on Mother’s Day?
Their chrysanthemoms.

A mother is trying to get her son to eat carrots.🥕🥕🥕
“Carrots are good for your eyes,” she says.
“How do you know?” the son asks.
The mother replies, “Have you ever seen a rabbit🐰 wearing glasses?”

Daughter: "Mum, what’s it like to have the greatest daughter in the world?"
Mum: "I don’t know dear. You’d have to ask Grandma."😉

Why don’t they have Mother’s Day sales?
Because Mothers are priceless.

And on that note♫ have a great week.
Take care.
And one of us will be back next time with more Sunday Funnies!PDK and KC.

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