Sunday, October 30, 2022



As you can see, you have both Piper D. Katt AND Koda Canine here today as we get ready to celebrate Halloween 🎃 tomorrow night!

Trick or treat. Smell my paws.
Give me something good and safe to eat.
Wait a second. That doesn't rhyme.

In any event. It's Halloween Joke time! Ready?
You betcha. Let's go!
Err... go where?
To the jokes. Where else?

I threw a boomerang at a ghost👻 the other day but knew it would come back to haunt me. 

In the military, are the Kernels in charge of the Candy Corn on Halloween?

I want to be something really scary for Halloween this year so I'm dressing up as a phone battery at 2%.

I've won first place in the Halloween costume contest 16 years in a row. This year I'm dressing up as a hotdog🌭 because I'm on a roll.

My daughter wants to be something really scary this Halloween so she's going as a newspaper's headlines.

I remember when Halloween was the scariest night of the year.
Now it's Election night.

Why do stores have Halloween decorations in August?
That's ridiculous. Nobody wants to... Oooo look! Candy corn.
But if you try looking for Halloween stuff in October they already have their Christmas🎄 promotions going!

Why did the ghost👻 go to the jazz bar?
For the Boos.

A local farmer thought his chicken🐔 coop was haunted and called an eggsocist.🥚🐣

So on that note♫, we hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!👻🎃
Take care.
And one of us will be back next weekend with more Sunday Funnies!PDK and KC.

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