Monday, July 20, 2009


It is hard to believe that today marks the 40th anniversary of when a staple of science fiction tales became reality as a human being first set foot upon a sphere not their own.
I was only seven that fateful night when the images of Astronaut Neil Armstrong walking upon the lunar surface were first televised. Looking back upon that night, with my family gathered around the black and white television that received broadcast signals from an aerial antenna, all I can swear to remembering at the time was wondering what was so important about a man bouncing around in a white suit?
But as I looked out my bedroom window that night at the stars and the moon above me, the seven year old boy I was then knew the full impact of what had been accomplished.
It might have been a "space race", yet there is no denying that the success of Apollo 11 and subsequent missions have drastically changed this Earth we live on; and Armstrong's immortal words ring as true now as they did then.

"That's one small step for Man. One giant leap for mankind."

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