Saturday, July 18, 2009


*While Congress conducts confirmation hearings concerning Sonia Sottomeyer's potential Supreme Court appointment, President Obama advised the House and Senate not to "squander the opportunity" as they also consider Health Care reform, amongst other issues.
*In hopes of increasing revenue, some retailers are staging "Christmas in July" events, offering potential gifts and decorations months ahead of time.
*As the 40th anniversary of man first setting foot upon the moon approaches, the Space Shuttle Endeavor is currently docked at the International Space Station as part of a supply run and maintenance visit.
*In Sports, pitcher Josh Becket, currently with the Boston Red Sox, earned his 100th career victory Sunday against the Kansas City Royals. Meanwhile, the American League defeated the National League 4-3 in the 80th All Star game Tuesday night to win home field advantage during the World Series this fall.

Now while I hate to end on a sad note, veteran news reporter Walter Cronkite passed away Friday at the age of 92. While a journalist most of his adult life, he is best remembered as anchor of the CBS Evening News from originating the position in 1962 until his retirement in 1981 when he passed the position on to his successor Roger Mudd.
A lot has, can be, and probably will be said about Cronkite in the days and millennia to come.
I never personally met the man, but like a lot of people, I watched "Uncle Walter" report the (inter)national news coverage every night I could until his retirement.
Amongst all the achievements and awards earned over the years, he is also accredited with coining the word anchorman. But amongst all the accolades, I personally think the greatest he ever earned was when, not having a comparable word already in existence in their respective languages, Holland started calling their news anchors Cronkiters, and Sweden followed suit by calling their on air news person a Kronkiter.

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