Saturday, July 25, 2009

WEEK IN REVIEW: JULY 19-25, 2009

*The CASH for Clunkers program has begun, where American taxpayers have an opportunity to trade in their old vehicles and receive a tax credit towards a more fuel efficient one.
*Health Care reform is the hot topic on Capitol Hill this week. While the end results of all the debates remains to be seen, the subject of abortions almost scuttled proceedings before they progressed too far. But to say that the Health Care Industry is in fine shape and does not need to be addressed is a serious understatement!
*Meanwhile, President Barack Obama discovered that public officials should not always comment on local situations, for his remarks concerning the incident involving Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Junior and Massachusetts Police Officer Sergeant Joe Crowley has gained national attention when the President comment upon Gates being arrested in his own home as an alleged burglar.
*The Dow Jones Index broke the 9000 mark this week, leading investors to believe that the economy is slowly improving despite continuing news stories of lay offs, business closings, and even the state of California facing a serious budget deficit.
*The 40th annual San Diego Comics Con, the premiere event of the comic book industry, is underway this weekend.
*The world celebrated the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing on Monday while a solar eclipse occurred on Wednesday.

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