Friday, August 21, 2009


Now, on one hand, the outcome of the current Fantastic Four storyline "Doom's Master", had a couple of predictable conclusions.
1. The person believed dead in the title turned out to still be alive.
2. The big event (the wedding of Ben Grimm, aka The Thing) that the subplot had been building towards in the last few issues didn't happen after all.

I am not surprised by these results, for this was Mark Millar's last issue as writer and the one thing he could not do was shake up the series' status quo for too long.
However, there were a couple of surprises along the way.
1. How the presumed deceased actually survived.
2. Why the big event in the subplot never happened.

Yet while overall this issue was an enjoyable read, I do have one major quibble:
If Millar wanted to focus on Valeria and develop the character during his tenure, no problem. But Franklin was absent without leave (or story explanation) for most of the last two issues, and nobody either within the story or on the editorial side of the page seemed to have noticed! Despite everything going on, don't you think the parents (Reed Richards, aka Mr. Fantastic and his wife Sue, aka the Invisible Woman) would have noticed the absence of their oldest child?
Hopefully the new creative team that takes over with issue 570 will be more alert about their cast.

The above is just my opinion folks.
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