Saturday, August 29, 2009


*Tropical Storm Danny is going out to sea on a course similar to Tropical Storm Bill. However it will pass closer to the New England coastline, dumping a lot more rain on the area than his predecessor.
*Senator Edward Kennedy passed away earlier this week. While the memorial and funeral services have been held as of this post, a replacement for the remainder of his existing Senatorial term has yet to be named by the Massachusetts state governor. Several pundits have already been speculating upon how his absence will affect the forthcoming Congressional session starting this September.
*Today would have been singer Michael Jackson's 51st birthday. While fans continue to mourn and honor his memory, authorities have officially declared his recent death a homicide, although no suspect in the case has been formally charged yet as of this post.
*Former kidnap victim Jaycee Lee Dugard has suddenly reappeared. Missing since 1991, the now 29 year old woman appeared at a police station earlier this week. Authorities are holding her kidnappers to appear before a judge for formal charges to be made.
*When is a sports athlete NOT a sports athlete? According to some, professional golfer Ryan Moore is not one from the perspective of not accepting product endorsements to help cover his tour expenses. But Moore maintains his position of not wanting to be a "walking billboard" and would rather concentrate upon the game.
*And this week also marks the 70th anniversary of the initial release of the MGM classic movie Gone With The Wind.

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