Saturday, August 22, 2009


*In his new book, former Homeland Security advisor Tom Ridge claims that he was pressured to raise the terrorist threat level in order to improve George W. Bush's odds against Senator John Kerry during the 2004 Presidential campaign. While other "in the know" Republicans and campaign personnel are rebutting this claim, it is an interesting revelation in light of the fact that former Vice-President Dick Cheney is now criticizing the 2001-2009 administration he was a part of.
*How do you feel President Barack Obama is doing right now? With the two biggest issues being the current Health Care Reform debate and the ongoing Federal Budget Deficit, a new poll claims that Obama's popularity rate is now lower than it was this past Spring. But people who still support the President to admit that he is trying to keep his campaign promises and tackle the problems that face this country.
*Should Hawaii secede from the United States and become an independent nation again? There is a grassroots movement afoot in the Aloha State to attempt this, although if you ask me, it's kind of ironic that it starts now on the 50th anniversary of Hawaii becoming the 50th state.
*Hurricane Bill thankfully is becoming a non-issue except to air and sea travellers. It's current path will keep it out to sea away from most land masses as it heads northward.
*And a concerned citizens group has won permission from a judge to start legal proceedings in order to get a supervisor to oversee any money earned by Nadya Suleman's eight children as the media-dubbed "Octo-Mom" gets her own reality television program this fall with her offspring center stage.

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