Sunday, October 18, 2009


Hello everybody! Ms. Waxy Dragon here!
Today, let's talk about the octopus.

Now first off, what is the plural of this animal? Octopuses, octopi, octopussies, octet?
(Don't worry, the last sentence is going to be about as risque as this column gets!)

Anyway, did you know that with enough time an effort, an octopus can open a jar? I'm pretty sure that would come in handy within a kitchen every now and then.

Once upon a time there was an aquarium that was wondering where all there fish were disappearing to after hours. After their installation, security cameras revealed that an octopus from a nearby tank was getting out of his confines, and going from neighboring exhibit to exhibit eating his fill along the way. Then the octopus would go back to his own tank before dawn with none the wiser. Needless to say that it soon faced the long arm of the law.

And do you know how to keep an octopus occupied? Give it a Rubik's Cube! They might not be able to solve it (who has?), but the fact is that they are dexterous enough to move the tiles around will keep them busy.

While I did crack a few jokes during this brief essay, the facts are true!
Just go to and read about it for yourself.

Meanwhile, I'll sea, I mean-- see everyone next weekend with more Sunday Funnies!--wd.

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