Saturday, October 10, 2009


*President Barack Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his initiatives to reduce the nuclear arms race. Obama is the third active President of the United States (after Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt) and the fourth overall (after former President Jimmy Carter) to win the honor. The prize money associated with the award will be donated to charity.
*NASA has sent probes to the moon to explore for the existence (past or present) of water in that orbital body.

*After being dead for 160 years, famed author Edgar Allan Poe will receive a formal funeral Sunday in Baltimore, Maryland. Upon his death, which many fans of his literary works still question the cause of after all these years, Poe never received a formal funeral service, for a known rival of Poe's wrote the newspaper obituary notice, citing an inaccurate time and place amongst other false information. Then later, someone destroyed his grave's original head stone, leaving the exact site of his remains in doubt for years.
*Rush Limbaugh has been named the host of the 2010 Miss America Pageant.
*Of all the celebrities who could ever consider doing such a thing, Marge Simpson is allegedly going to be posing for a Playboy pictorial soon, and
*Not only does the "let's scare everyone over the health care debate" paranoia propaganda continue, but now there are ads allegedly sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Congress trying to convince people that whatever version of a health care reform act passes will astronomically raise taxes.
Listen up people: this has been covered before. Although Congress has yet to agree on a bill to present to the President, does anyone remember that Obama addressed Congress in a live telecast explaining what is and is not to be in any health care reform package that is sent for his approval. Feel free to go to or for more information.

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