Sunday, October 25, 2009


Hello Everybody! Ms. Waxy Dragon here!
It's been a while since I've done this last, so let's fly around (easy to do if you're a dragon, or at least have wings) and see what's happening in the comics sections of your local newspapers.

Baldo is making it's annual homage to Hispanic Heritage month this October. While the results are always hit or miss depending upon the guest contributors, you cannot fault the strip's creative team of Hector Cantu and Carlos Castellanos for being proud of their community.

This past week was National Volunteer Week, where everyone was encouraged to give a little of themselves to help their local communities and those in need. Among the comic strips noting this event were: Adam @ Home, Archie, Baby Blues, B.C., Big Nate, Dilbert, Drabble, The Family Circus, Frazz, LuAnn, Mother Goose and Grim, Over the Hedge, Red and Rover, and The Wizard of Id. If I have missed anyone, I do humbly apologize.

And wedding bells may finally be in the future for Oola and her long time beau Alley Oop. The comic strip celebrated its 75th anniversary earlier this year and the couple have been dating almost as long.

That's all the time (and space) I have for this weekend folks.
Join me next weekend when we get to celebrate Halloween only a day late this year with some appropriate jokes for all the ghosts and goblins out there.
So until next time...

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