Saturday, October 31, 2009


Let's scare up a little Halloween fun with this quiz!
We are holding our own Mad Monster Party, akin to the 1967 Rankin-Bass film.
All you have to do is match the description of each party goer with the name on the guest list.
There is only ONE correct guest for each description.
So if you're not scared to take the challenge...

01. He's expected, but never appears.
02. He never drinks wine.
03. Despite his appearance, he's friendly.
04. One has to wonder just how well he can play hockey.
05. A multi-faceted being.
06. Everyone is hoping she doesn't crash the party!
07. He might bring the music.
08. Complains about always having to sweep up afterwards.
09. Despite the name, he's not vampiric.
10. He may love Christmas, but Halloween is his night!
11. He tried to steal Christmas too.
12. Everyone goes to him for advice.
13. No one knows if he ever does show up.
14. The other guests complain that he's all wet and a social wallflower at parties.
15. Always wants to rap.
16. The Tally Man

a.) Batman
b.) Buffy
c.) Casper
d.) Count Von Count
e.) Creature From The Black Lagoon
f.) Dracula
g.) The Frankenstein Monster
h.) The Great Pumpkin
i.) The Grinch
j.) The Invisible Man
k.) Jack Skellington
l.) Jason
m.) The Mummy
o.) Witch
p.) Witch Doctor
q.) The Wolfman

The answers will be revealed in next week's ANSWER BOX, and hopefully we'll have the place cleaned up by then.
Meanwhile, here's the results from last week's Puzzle Corner:

Despite being enjoyed by costume manufacturers, candy makers, and children of ALL ages for generations; Halloween has never been officially recognized beyond its existence as October 31st in the United States.

So how many words can you make out of the letters in HALLOWEEN?
There is: all, allow, an, eel, eon, ha, hall, hallow, heal, heel, hell, hello, how, lawn, lawn, lea, lean, low, no, Noel, now, oh, wall, we, wean, wee, well, (and) well.
More might be possible than the 28 listed above.

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