Saturday, October 3, 2009


*Scientists in Japan have developed a new anti-WIFI paint that will block the signals to keep unauthorized users from accessing your service from outside your residence or business. However the cost per gallon might be prohibitive for some people thinking about redecorating or using this precaution.
*The IRS has set up a Tipsters hot line and website for those who want to report people and companies who might allegedly be cheating on their returns.
*As the investigation into his death continue, early autopsy results for the late Michael Jackson reveal that he was in average health for a 50 year old man before his murder.
*Even after speeches from Oprah Winfrey along with Michelle and President Obama, Chicago, Illinois, USA; along with Tokyo, Japan and Madrid, Spain were ruled out of consideration for the 2016 Summer Olympics before the International Olympics Committee awarded the hosting honors to Rio De Janerio in Brazil.
In Legal News...
*Accused child molester Roman Polanski was arrested earlier this week after visiting a country that did have an extradition treaty with the United States. For years, the movie director had been living in a country without legal arrangements with the United States to avoid prosecution on the charges.
*Meanwhile, late night talk show host David Letterman publicly admitted to cheating on his girlfriend (before they were married) with members of the female staff on his show as part of his cooperation with police to avoid a blackmail attempt. The suspected person behind the blackmail attempt has been arrested.
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