Thursday, July 15, 2010


The alumni of Aldine Senior High School's graduating class from 1980 will be gathering this weekend for our thirtieth anniversary reunion.

Sadly, not all the 435 original members of that august body are still amongst us and unfortunately the attendance at this year's event will be one short, for I cannot be there.

Yet it is truly hard to imagine so much time has actually passed. When I started high school as a "lowly" freshman, America had just celebrated its bicentennial that summer, NASA's Space Shuttle program was in its infancy as the agency publicly presented the much heralded prototype that fans of a popular TV franchise successfully lobbied to have christened Enterprise, and the rock band U2 was just forming in Europe.

Ours was a more simpler era. Maybe not a complete time of innocence as seen through the rose colored glasses of yesteryear, but definitely a period without the worries of illegal drugs or weapons in school, where the biggest hassles of our day was completing our homework assignments and trying to "fit in".

Of course those latter concerns are eternal to all students, but the times certainly have changed. Things like CDs, DVDs, and cell phones were at best within the realm of science fiction back then, and who could have ever imagined a computer's hard drive being small enough to fit upon a desk top, let alone within the palm of your hand!

I could go down memory lane for hours about the local neighborhood haunts, attending Friday night football games, the various teachers and classes, friends, etc. The specific details would mean nothing to anyone who was not there, but I'm sure that all Free Choice E-zine readers have similar experiences and can relate to what I'm talking about.

So here's to the alumni of Aldine Senior High School circa 1980. You fine folks are always in my memories.
Hope you have a great time this weekend, and (of course) GO MUSTANGS!

Pictured below, the 1980 alumni in attendance at the 25th reunion. I'm in blue on the right.

Lee Houston, Junior
Editor-In-Chief, the Free Choice E-zine
Graduate: Aldine Senior High 1980


Diane Gilbert-Guthrie said...

Lee you always wrote and spoke so eloquently! Sorry you can't make the party!

Diane Gilbert-Guthrie
Aldine, Class of 1980

Kim Silva Lerro said...

Lee, I am sure you dont' remember me but I had to make a comment about your writing - very nice!

Kim Silva Lerro
Aldine, Class of 1980

Melissa and Debbie said...

Leeeeee! We're going to miss you!

Melissa Tagle-Rundle
Debbie Vercher Frazier
Aldine 1980