Saturday, July 10, 2010


Starting off with the latest news from the Gulf of Mexico...
*In the wake of Hurricane Alex, tar balls from the oil spill have washed up on the Texas coastline when environmentalists were previously uncertain whether the Lone Star State would be immediately affected by the spill.
*Meanwhile, British Petroleum hopes that new equipment on its way to the site will take and hopefully at least slow down the leak, if not stop it completely, by next weekend.

*David Crisp of England found a buried cache of Roman Empire coins with a historical value of over one million dollars. The discovery is currently at the British Museum.
*In a move to cash in on the video game market created by the Nintendo Wii system, Playstation's Move! and the Xbox 360's Kinect are both scheduled for initial release soon. But not to be outdone, Nintendo's fall/winter line up of releases includes new video games featuring their classic characters: Mario and his brother Luigi, Link in the latest Zelda adventure quest, and Donkey Kong in his first solo Wii title.
*Both Idaho and Wyoming celebrate 120 years of being members of the United States of America this month.

In entertainment news...
*Ringo Starr, the oldest surviving Beatle, turned 70 this week amidst continuing well wishes of "Peace and Love" for the world.
*Lindsay Lohan MUST serve a ninety day jail term for failing to complete the mandatory alcohol education term that was part of her probation agreement stemming from a 2007 court situation.
*Steve Carell has announced that this coming season will be his last within The Office.
*The 2010 Emmy Award nominations were announced this week. But while a lot of programs deserving of recognition failed to receive any nominations, Conan O'Brien was nominated for his brief stint hosting The Tonight Show, reopening the debate over NBC's actions of recent months.

In Sports...
*National Basketball Association veteran LeBron James has decided to sign with the Miami Heat, leading to a lot of (fan) criticism about his "lack of honor".
*Major League Baseball's annual All Star Game is scheduled to be played Tuesday night, July 13. But fans are wondering about the line up since some of the potential players are currently on the disabled lists of their respective teams.
*Meanwhile, Boston Red Sox manager Terry Francona was accredited with his 900th career win as a coach Friday night as the Red Sox beat the Toronto Blue Jays in Canada.

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