Saturday, July 24, 2010


Starting, as we have since the beginning of the spill, with the latest from the Gulf of Mexico:
*Although there is no (immediate?) concern of it becoming a hurricane, Tropical Storm Bonnie has halted recovery and clean up efforts around the damaged British Petroleum oil well.
*Meanwhile, seepage has been detected after the latest capping attempt, but it is uncertain whether it is coming from the new cap or the surrounding area.

*North Korea is vowing (nuclear?) military action if the United States and South Korea do conduct a joint military exercise in international waters off their coastal shores this weekend.
*After Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack fired USDA official Shirley Sherrod over comments taken out of context, new debate has arisen over whether or not the issue of racism is still a concern in this modern world. President Barack Obama even went as far as calling Sherrod to apologize and offer her job back, but she is uncertain what her future plans will be at this time.
*Constance McMillien, the senior who could not take her female date to the prom, has received an apology from the Itawamba County school district, a cash settlement that includes the costs of her legal fees, and a promise from the school district that they will end the discrimination and be more tolerant of same sex couples in the future; in exchange for dropping her legal action against the district.
*Although Wal*Mart claims that they are just for inventory control purposes, consumers are concerned about privacy issues over the use of "smart tags" being attached to the retailer's clothing.
*The annual San Diego Comic Con, the entertainment convention event of the season for fans of comic books and other things, is in full swing this weekend.

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