Monday, July 26, 2010


I am not one who usually toots their own horn, but this is just too good to go unnoticed!

For the past few months, I have been writing for a new company called Pro Se Productions. They are part of the growing movement to revive the classic pulp genres of the past to a more modern audience.

Amongst those efforts are three brand new magazines:
Masked Gun Mystery, featuring crime, detective, and mystery tales galore.
Fantasy and Fear, which offers stories within what genres the name implies, and
Peculiar Adventures, a catchall title lead by an interesting character called Peculiar Oddfellow, created by Pro Se's founder Tommy Hancock, who has several writing credits within the pulp revival movement already.

Other writers include: Aric Mitchell, Ken Janssens, Aaron Smith, Fuller Bumpers, Don Thomas, Nancy Hansen, Megan Smith, Derrick Ferguson, C. William Russette, and yours truly; who has a story in the first issue of all three titles.

And as you can see by the illustration below, there is an interesting cast of characters that will appear within the magazines including:
Sherringford Bell, Roshanna the Huntress, Peculiar Oddfellow, Gary Wooten, The Song of Heroes, The Sky Riders, The Cerberus Clan, Perry Lell, Lazlo Dragon, The Rapier; and my contributions to all this fun: Wylde World and Hugh Monn, Private Detective.

You can order the first issue of each title now within its E-format (PDF) through the publisher's website at
And yes, print copies will be coming soon.

Pro Se Productions is also publicly accessible through both Facebook and Twitter.

I hope you enjoy everyone's hard work in these and all the future issues to come.

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