Tuesday, July 20, 2010


An editorial.

This fall maybe one of the most important elections within your living history. The 2010 midterm elections, so named because they fall within the middle of Barack Obama's current term as President of the United States are being closely observed and analyzed from every conceivable angle as pundits wonder if the Democrats will still have the majority in Congress come 2011. Similar situations are taking place within a lot of the state governments as well.

The Republicans are saying all kinds of things in regards to current events and the alleged (in)action of certain people and the results afterwards.

Now The Free Choice E-zine cannot examine every individual situation, since we prefer to report the news and not contribute to it. But we can offer some free advice.

If you are considering voting a specific way because nothing seems to be getting done by the incumbents, ask yourself this:

Is there genuinely no progress on a specific issue because there is true disagreement about how your (local) government should proceed on the matter, OR is there no progress because one side/party is intentionally stonewalling/stalling/filibustering/delaying things to make the other side look bad and themselves appear to be good?

A public service editorial of The Free Choice E-zine.

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