Saturday, July 3, 2010


And now, the latest from the Gulf of Mexico:
*Hurricane Alex made landfall in Tamarslipas, Mexico with the last tally indicating twenty-three dead.
*Alex's presence in the Gulf of Mexico forced the suspension of efforts to cap and clean up the oil spill. Relief crews are starting up operations again now.
*The prototype giant oil skimmer "A Whale" is moored off the coast of Mississippi, awaiting word for when it can begin contributing to clean up efforts.
*Meanwhile, British Petroleum is now being sued by animal welfare groups for the oil spill's damage to the native sea turtle and other animals affected by the situation.

*President Barack Obama has set aside $2 billion for increasing the country's use of solar power wherever possible and looks forward to the new jobs this industry will generate.
*Senator Robert Byrd, Democratic representative of West Virgina, passed away Monday at the age of 92.
*After being relieved of his command in Afghanistan, General Stanley A. McChrystal has announced his retirement.
*Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton plans to wed her fiance Marc Mezvinsky July 31.

*The World Cut Futboll (soccer) Tournament has entered the Quarter Finals.
*The Tour De France bicycle race begins in Europe.
*Serena Williams swept Vera Zvonareva to win the Woman's Singles Division of the 2010 Wimbledon Tennis Championship.

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