Saturday, August 21, 2010


This week the United States celebrated the 90th anniversary of ratifying the 19th amendment to this country's constitution, which granted women the right to vote.
To celebrate, as "Sufferin' Till Suffrage" from Schoolhouse Rocks! (You don't remember it? Check out the clip below, courtsey of YouTube!) plays in the background, a brief quiz about the event.

1. Was the United States of America the first country in the world to grant women this right?
2. If your answer to the first question was no, then which country do you think was?
3. Who was President of the United States at the time the 19th amendment became law?
4. Which member of the United States was the first to pass the measure on the bill's route to become law?
5. Given the size of the United States at the time, which was the last state required to fully ratify the measure into law?

As that timely tune from a fondly remembered series ends, we'll reveal all next weekend. But now, let's peek inside THE ANSWERS BOX and see the correct responses to last weekend's Puzzle Corner.

During the concert surrounding receiving the Gershwin Prize for Popular Music on PBS, Sir Paul McCartney teamed up with performer Stevie Wonder for a live performance of Ebony and Ivory, and in the end, got everyone present, including the President and Mrs. Obama, to join in the chorus of Hey Jude at the end of the song.

Although a corporate symbol since 1921, there has never been a real Betty Crocker.

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