Saturday, August 7, 2010


*No new major developments in the Gulf of Mexico this week. Clean up efforts continue. British Petroleum is still working on well relief efforts and apparently still slow to honor damage claims, while environmentalists still worry about the Gulf's future.

*A ten person medical team from the International Assistance Mission was assassinated by a group of militants in Afghanistan.
*United States District Court Judge Vaughn Walker has ruled the state of California's Proposition 8 (banning same gender marriages) unconstitutional. However while those who support that type of union rejoice, that specific coupling has yet to be declared legal. Challenges to the judicial decision have been filed and future court dates on the matter are pending.
*The United States Senate has confirmed Elena Kagan as the next (Associate) Justice of the Supreme Court.
*While results of the 2010 Census in America have yet to be revealed, the 2010 Census of Marine Life in the World's Oceans has confirmed the existence of 230,000 aquatic animals!

*Congratulations to Alex Rodriguez on achieving his 600th career home run.

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