Sunday, August 15, 2010


AtP: Hello Folks. You have both Autumn the Puppy
WD: AND Ms. Waxy Dragon here this weekend,
Together: Because it's Grrl Power time!
AtP: A little play on words there because we're trying to be hip.
WD: Speak for yourself lady, I AM HIP!
AtP: Was that a dog joke?
WD: No. What we're talking about is some comic news centered around female characters this weekend.
AtP: That's right, and sadly, we feel there isn't enough females in the four color spotlight as it is.
WD: Right. Sadly, Little Orphan Annie was canceled earlier this summer.
AtP: And with an unresolved cliffhanger!
WD: What's going to happen to Annie?
AtP: Annie? What about Sandy?
WD: Anyway, artist Cathy Guisewite has announced that she is ending her long running comic strip Cathy with the October 3, 2010 installment!
AtP: NO!
WD: Unfortunately, yes. Guisewite called the decision "agonizing" and "excruciating", but it was just time to move on.
AtP: To what?
WD: Ms. Guisewite wasn't sure what when she made the announcement, but does plan to stay creative somehow.
AtP: But October 3, 2010? That would put the strip a month shy of its 34th anniversary! Couldn't she at least wait until November of 2011 and go out with a bang on Cathy's 35th anniversary?
WD: It's not my call Autumn. But then again, what woman in her right mind actually admits her age?
AtP: Actually, our next honoree in this column does. Dora the Explorer is celebrating her tenth anniversary this month!
WD: Dora first began on Nick(elodeon) Junior in 2000 and has been entertaining and teaching children around the world ever since.
AtP: Dora, along with her pet monkey Boots, and trusty Backpack and Map, have been on too many adventures and quests to count, but are still going strong.
WD: And of course at least once every episode Dora has to tell Swiper the Fox that there's no swiping!
AtP: Of course, being a dog, if I ever encountered Swiper, there would be one less fox in the hen house.
WD: What are you talking about Autumn? We both know you've never seen a real fox outside of television.
AtP: Yeah, and it surprises me that there is a whole entertainment empire run by Fox too!
WD: I don't think that there is literally--
AtP: Why can't there be an all dog channel? Or a dog entertainment empire?
WD: Oh yeah? Well you canines have a lot more pull in the entertainment industry than us poor dragons. Most of the time we're cast as either the villains or comic relief.
AtP: Really?
WD: Yep. And for the record: Humans DO NOT taste crunchy and are good with ketchup!
AtP: Well, at any rate this is Autumn the Puppy
WD: And Waxy Dragon
Together: Saying at least one of us will be back next weekend for more Sunday Funnies!

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