Saturday, August 21, 2010


Surprisingly, no new developments from the Gulf of Mexico this past week. Clean up efforts continue and the cap seems to be holding.

*Engineers are starting to add fuel to Iran's first nuclear power plant. The facility is a joint effort between Iran and Moscow that, because of the Russian involvement, will not be producing any nuclear weapons.
*It should come as no surprise to those following politics that although President Obama wants to oppose a recent Supreme Court ruling that grants corporations and unions bigger campaign donations, Congressional Republicans have stopped every instance thus far of trying to do so.
*Swedish authorities have issued an arrest warrant for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange for questioning in regards to allegations of rape and molestation against unnamed females. Assange says the charges are false and in retaliation for him leaking information about the war in Afghanistan.
*Target and its retail sister Best Buy are the subjects of a nationwide boycott by the organization Moving On! after it was discovered in public records that the Minnesota based retail supports a gubernatorial candidate in that state who is opposed to same sex marriages and unions.

*Former pitcher Roger Clemens faces perjury charges for lying to a federal grand jury looking into the steroids/human growth hormone scandal in Major League Baseball.
*Brett Farve will be back for his 20th season in the National Football League, this year as starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings.

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