Saturday, August 28, 2010


*No new developments in the Gulf of Mexico, so presumably clean up and containment continue apace.

*Although the first hurricane of the 2010 season, Danielle looks like it will stay out in the Atlantic after skirting the island of Bermuda. International travellers are still to honor weather advisories.
*Meanwhile Tropical Storm Earl is under observation as it heads towards Puerto Rico and may become a hurricane by Monday.
*As the last U.S. combat troops prepare to pull out of Iraq Tuesday, the country has upped its internal terrorist alert.
*The Vincent Van Gogh painting "Poppy Flowers" is still missing after hopes for its recovery fell through.
*Astronomers have discovered a possible solar system around star HD 10180.

*Washington Nationals' rookie pitching phenom Stephen Strasburg has suffered an elbow injury that will not only keep him out for the rest of the season, but maybe the entire 2011 season as well as he faces the possibility of undergoing "Tommy John" surgery.
*Manager Lou Piniella has retired after a 50 year career in Major League Baseball.

And for those watching celebrities:
*The main TV Emmy awards are scheduled for presentation Sunday night.
*Lindsay Lohan is allegedly considering suing the state of California for "lost wages" occurred during her recent incarceration although she only served 22 out of the original 90 days.
*Paris Hilton was arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada Friday night after police are supposed to have found cocaine in her car during a routine traffic stop.
*Tiger Woods is now officially single again after the divorce decree from ex-wife Elin Nordegren was granted.

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