Friday, January 13, 2012


Those who might believe in superstitions know what today is.
Triskaidekaphobia is simply the fear of the number 13.
FRIGGAtriskaidekaphobia is the specific fear of Friday the 13th.
And 2012 has THREE of them this year. January's, as well as encores in April and July, the most any calendar year physically can have.
A lot of buildings do not have thirteenth floors. Some even go as far as creating an empty space between the 12th and 14th floors to trap any potential bad luck.
A lot of places with numbered rooms like hotels and apartments do not designate a number 13, which is why most start with number 100.
The next time you are at a theater, if the seats are numbered, see if there is a 13th seat, or even a 13th row. Bet you cannot find either.
(c) NASA, courtesy of Google Images
No one knows for sure just how such superstitions came into being, for our great, great, ancestors were far less enlightened than we are today.
In truth, there is only one major instance where one can say the number 13 was unlucky.
Apollo 13, the SEVENTH planned mission to the moon, launched in April 1970, but due to an exploding oxygen tank, was forced to abort the journey and return home.
So is there truly anything to fear?
That is something every individual must decide for themselves, but if one let's fear control their lives, there would be a lot less accomplishments in the world today than there actually are.


SMILE! Life IS worth living!

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