Sunday, January 1, 2012



Okay. Welcome to a brand new year everybody.
And it's traditional at this point in time to make what are known as New Year's Resolutions in regards to things you want to change, hopefully for the better.
Now granted a lot more promises are made instead of kept, but we thought it would be fun to see what is on everyone's mind at this point in time, so we privately contacted The Free Choice E-zine staff to see what promises they would be making, and hoping to at least attempt to keep this year.

More Creative Time
Lee Houston, Junior: Editor-In-Chief
My father always goes to bed before midnight on New Year's Eve. That way he can say he slept an entire year.
But in my case, I am hoping for more time to be creative because besides my responsibilities for The Free Choice E-zine, I also have a lot to do for Pro Se Press. I was just named editor for the monthly Pro Se Presents magazine. My second book Alpha, is due out this spring, plus I am working on the sequel to Hugh Monn, Private Detective and have a lot of short stories coming up for various Pulp Obscura projects that I can't even talk about yet.

"A BARKING lot!"
Autumn the Puppy
Well, Bugs Bunny once swore in a cartoon that he would never mix radish juice and carrot juice again. Considering that I don't drink either one, I think that is a resolution I'll be able to keep.
Meanwhile, the one thing I would like to do in 2012 is establish a Barking Lot.
Dogs have a right to bark, and I certainly do at least my fair share. But whenever I do speak, I'm always being told "Hush, puppy!"
It sure would be nice to have some place of my own where I could bark whenever I wanted to.

"It CAN'T involve chocolate?"
Waxy Dragon
I would love to resolve to eat more chocolate in 2012, but keep getting told I should cut back on my chocolate consumption because there's a risk of me getting out of shape.
But how can that happen? After all, round is a shape. And thankfully, I burn up the calories at least as fast as I consume them.
Anyway, I think the best New Year's Resolution I can make is to make no resolutions at all. That way no one is disappointed if I fail to keep them, especially myself.
And if I do manage to keep it, then I am definitely a dragon of my word.

And there you have it folks. What we would like to see most of all is more world peace, but this E-zine is not holding its collective breath waiting for that to happen.
In any event, HAPPY NEW YEAR and please be back with us next weekend for more Sunday Funnies!

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