Thursday, April 26, 2012


This time, I managed to obtain some additional photos from Pulp Ark 2012 attendee Nancy Hansen. All were taken by her except one, for obvious reasons.

"You want me to WHAT?"

Here we have NEW New Pulp Author Ashley Mangin signing her VERY FIRST professional autograph.
Mrs. Mangin is dressed as her Prohibition Era private detective Kitty McGee.

"Please buy Mommy's work."

Here we see the Mangin Mites, also known as Ashley and Will Mangin's children, at the Pro Se Productions table over the three day event.
It was a family affair so don't worry, those are only toys the children are holding.

Here is a shot of me reading to the school children in attendance at the special preview event Friday morning.
There was so much going on that I just read a brief selection from my first book: Hugh Monn, Private Detective.

"I know!"

Here is a photo of long time comic book colorist turned pulp archivist Anthony Tollin.
Note the head wear.
That is THE hat used as a model by artists for lots of the classic pulp covers featuring The Shadow, fully restored.

"Yes, we CAN!"

This is the photo I took at Nancy Hansen's request, for she was part of the Women Writer's in New Pulp Sunday morning. Pictured, left to right are Nancy Hansen, Megan Smith, Ashley Mangin with one of the Mangin Mites, Jen Mulvihlhill, and Andrea Judy. The panel was a lot more well attended than my poor photograph skills make it appear.

And so, this concludes our visual presentations of Pulp Ark 2012.

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