Saturday, April 28, 2012


Today is International Tai-Chi and Qigong Day.
Louisiana celebrates its 200th anniversary of joining the United States of America Monday, April 30th.

Amongst events happening around the world this past week...
*Pakistan has deported the three widows (no, that is not a typo) and eleven children of deceased terrorist Osama Bin Laden from their borders. After serving their 45 day prison sentence resulting from violating Pakistan laws, the country provided transportation to send the family to Jeddah. Where they go from there is their decision and expense.
*Despite their recently failed rocket test, North Korea is still threatening to reduce South Korea "to ashes".
*Civil unrest continues in Bahrain, the Sudan-South Sudan border, and Syria.
*Legislators in Connecticut (USA) have voted to eliminate the state's death penalty. State Governor Dan Malloy has signed the measure into law, making life without parole the highest prison penalty available.

As of April 28, here is how the top Republican Candidates stand towards winning the GOP nomination to compete against incumbent President Barack Obama this November:
*Mitt Romney has 724 delegates.
*Rick Santorum has 217 delegates. His name is still on several ballots despite no longer actively campaigning.
*Newt Gingrich has 131 delegates, but vows to stay in the race until the end.
*Ron Paul has 54 delegates.
1144 delegates are needed for any candidate to win the nomination. Louisiana voters have their primary April 28. Indiana, North Carolina, West Virginia, Oregon, Arkansas, Kentucky, Texas, California, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Montana have yet to have their primaries before Utah finishes up the campaign trail June 26th.
*Running unopposed, incumbent Barack Obama has already secured the Democratic Nomination to campaign for a second term as President.

*Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary by renewing their vows in Paris.

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