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One of the busiest people within the New Pulp movement is author Bobby Nash. Amongst his credits is co-creating and contributing to the new anthology from Airship 27: The Ruby Files. and we managed to get a few minutes to chat with him about that and other stuff.

THE FREE CHOICE E-ZINE: Bobby, what is this book about?
BOBBY NASH: Private eye Richard (Rick) Ruby, is molded in the classic, hard boiled tradition of private eyes straight out of the 1930s. Not only did I write a story for this volume, but I also co-created the series with writer Sean Taylor, so Rick and the ladies at Belle's all hold a special place in my heart.

TFCE: What is New Pulp to you?
BOBBY: Ah, the age-old question, hotly debated amongst those who write New Pulp. I like to think that New Pulp is just a way of telling stories in a modern writing style, but with the classic feel of the original pulps of old. New Pulp is a lot like art. I know it when I see it.

Author Bobby Nash and Friend
TFCE: Why do you write what you do?
BOBBY: I love telling stories. Thankfully, there are publishers out there that like the stories I tell, so I've been very fortunate to have an outlet for my tales. I tend to write stories that appeal to me as a reader. Sometimes that means pulp stories, sometimes it means thrillers, sometimes it means sci fi, and... well, you get the idea. I like telling stories that I would like to read. Hopefully, there are others that enjoy reading them as well.

TFCE: What inspires you to write?
BOBBY: Deadlines. I know that’s probably not the answer you expected, but as a professional writer, my writing schedule is quite often dictated by deadlines. There is no better motivator for making a writer write than a tight deadline.
Aside from that, I love telling stories. I have to write them down just to get them out of my head. They’re fun and I enjoy crafting stories.

TFCE: What has influenced your style and technique?
BOBBY: I have no idea. I probably should have a better answer for that question, but sadly, I don’t. I’m sure that I pick up influences everywhere. Story ideas come from anywhere and everywhere. I’m sure I pick up writing styles and turns of phrase from other writers, although I don’t try to emulate any one particular style or writer. I try to write in my own style with my own voice. We’re all inspired by the world around us. As a writer, I’m like a sponge just taking in all of those various forms of influence and hopefully squeezing out something worth reading.
 One of the best compliments I’ve ever received, and I’ve heard it more than once, is that when reading one of my books or stories, the reader said they could hear my voice in their head reading it to me. Obviously, these comments came from people that know me, but I’m excited that there is a lot of me in the writing.

TFCE: What would be your dream project?
BOBBY: That’s tough, because it probably changes from day to day. I would love to write The Fantastic Four and I’m sure I've got at least one good Stargate and Star Trek story in me. I would love the opportunity to play in one, or both, of those universes. Aside from that, I would love to create a series of novels that can run for many years. That would be the ultimate goal.

TFCE: Based upon the number of conventions you've attended in years past, you've been called by some as "New Pulp's Road Warrior". How do you feel about the moniker and life on the road?
BOBBY: Never really thought about the nickname. I love conventions and always have a blast working them. Setting up at a con can be exhausting, but I love meeting new people and spreading the word about my work. Cons are a lot like reunions as well. I have friends that I only get to see at cons. They are great fun and I love attending them. I like traveling to new places as well.
The down side is that convention trips are expensive. There's gas, hotel, food, table fees, buying books to have on hand, plus buying promotional items to have on the table. So, yeah, cost is a big factor in choosing which conventions I attend. If there is another guest going that I know we sometimes share travel expenses, which helps. Sadly, there is a growing trend of charging guests exorbitant table fees these days, which has greatly reduced my convention appearances. I don't go to cons to lose money so I have to take all of that into account.
Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of conventions out there willing to cover my travel or hotel so that limits which shows I can attend. There are some that help with expences and they usually go to the top of my list of shows to attend.

TFCE: Where do you foresee yourself within the next few years?
BOBBY: Hopefully, I’ll still be writing and making a decent living from my writing. It’s a goal I've been working toward for some time. I’m not there yet, but I’m working on it.

TFCE: As mentioned at the beginning of this interview, you're one very busy writer. Any other projects you would like to promote?
Also by the author
BOBBY: Well, I’m always happy to talk about my books. You can find a full list of my work at, but Deadly Games! was my most recent novel. I’m very proud of this one. Not only did I write it, but also produced the covers as well. I'm also working on Evil Intent, which will be a sequel to my novel Evil Ways, and I'm still contributing to anthologies such as the forthcoming New Adventures Of The Eagle from Pro Se Press' Pulp Obscura imprint, along with my work on Lance Starr, Domino Lady, the Green Hornet, and others.

TFCE: Wow. Guess we better let you get back to writing Bobby. Thanks for taking the time to chat with us.
BOBBY: You're welcome.

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