Sunday, June 16, 2013


I'm a dog.
I'm the dragon.

Today you have both Autumn the Puppy AND Waxy Dragon here to tell you some great (well, at least, we hope they are) jokes featuring dear ol' dad on his day.


"My father is taking up French, Spanish, Chinese, and Swedish."
"What's he in college?
"No college. He runs an elevator at the UN."

One day a young boy came home from school and said to his mother, "I've got a sore tummy!"
His mother said, "You'll be okay, it's just empty. After you eat something you will be alright."
Later, after eating something the boy was fine. Moments later his Dad came home complaining of a headache, "You'll live!" said the boy knowingly, " It's just empty!"

What do you get if you cross a stereo with your dad?
Pop Music! 

One day, a boy asked his dad, “Did you hear about the stupid fool who keeps going around saying "no"?” 
“No, son.” 
”Oh, so it's you.” 

My dad said to me, 'Today I fought off the powers of darkness.'

I said, 'How did you do that?'
He said, 'I paid the electricity bill.' 

Teacher : "How old is your father?"

Boy : "As old as me."
Teacher : "How can that be?"
Boy : "He became a father when I was born."

And on that note, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all the great dads out there, and please be back with us next weekend for more Sunday Funnies! AtP & WD.

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