Saturday, February 21, 2015


Silent movies have not been honored in an Oscar ceremony since the very first awards presentation, when an Oscar for Best Title Writing was available.

Pull up a chair. Break out the popcorn and your other favorite movie snacks.
Tonight the 35th annual Razzie Awards will be presented for the worst in movies, while tomorrow night the 87th annual Oscars will be presented for the best in motion pictures.
Obviously, we have a quiz celebrating both, so read the questions carefully before answering. Ready?

01. The Razzies are known by what more formal name?
02. What film won the very first Best Motion Picture Oscar?
03. What movie "won" the very first Worst Motion Picture Razzie?
04. What movie won the Best Motion Picture Oscar last year?
05. What were the first new Razzie categories to be added to the original program?
06. What Oscar is technically still available, but hasn't been awarded since 1984?
07. What Razzies were added to the program in 1994?
08. While unfortunately the Razzies don't get much TV coverage, what year was the first Oscar telecast?
09. Who has "won" the most Razzies (to date)?
10. What movie has received the most Oscar nominations (to date)?

We'll reveal all next weekend. But for now, let's open up THE ANSWERS BOX and discover the results of the February 14th, 2015 Puzzle Corner.

To celebrate February 14th, how many new words can you make out of VALENTINE?

A, alien, alive, an, ant, at, ate
Eat, eave, even, evil
I, in, inn, inane, it
Lane, late, Latin, lean, leave, lei, lenient, lent, lie, line, lint, live
Neat, nine, nit
Tan, tea, ten, teen, tile, tin, tine
Veil, vein, vent, vial, vile

More than the 43 listed above might be possible.

February 16th was Presidents Day here in the United States.
Did you know who was the first President...

01. To physically live in the White House?
This is a trick question. Technically, John Adams and his family might be the first, since they were there during construction, but officially Thomas Jefferson was the first to occupy the structure during his entire administration.
02. To work in the Oval Office? (The West Wing, where it resides, was a later addition to the structure.) William Howard Taft
03. To marry while in office? Grover Cleveland. He was single when elected.
04. To remarry while in office? John Tyler, for his first wife died during his administration.
05. To see their child actually born in the White House? We're back to Grover Cleveland, who welcomed his daughter Esther into the world during his second term.

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