Sunday, September 20, 2020


Hello Everybody! Piper D. Katt here.
Thanks for all the kind words between my first solo appearance and my team up with Autumn the Puppy last week.
I got to tell you a little bit about myself in my debut, but now let's go more in depth.
I'm a lady, "owned" by a nice family of reliable pet 😻lovers, so you can rest assured that all my needs and their responsibilities are well met.
As previously mentioned, I love to sing♫, but please don't call it caterwauling. That's just simply degrading to both of us.
I groom and nap on a regular basis, the sunnier🌞 the spot for the latter, the better.
And, as any other feline, I'm curious by nature. I'm always getting into things wanting to know what's going on, even though some people think I shouldn't be. Especially when it comes to meals on the dining room table.😺
I also know how to properly use a litter box, and have my people well trained in its maintenance. 
Then again, I think I deserve more than just an open tray in an unused corner of the bathroom. I wonder if I can talk my people into one of these fancier boxes? After all, a lady does need her privacy.

Cats walk with grace and style because we always work on our pawsture.
We don't just enter a room. We own it.

While there are felines in the jungle, us cats don't play cards with them because there are too many cheetahs.
Then again, we don't play Hide and Seek with the leopards🐆 either because they're too easily spotted.😉
We also don't trust the King of Beasts because they're usually lion.🦁
Besides, who crowned👑 them King to begin with?
You're cute, but wrong mouse kitten!
Not any cat I know!

Cats know better than to attempt attacking your computer mouse.
After all, they don't taste good no matter how much ketchup you put on them.
We would love to have Mice🐁🐭 Krispies for breakfast, but no one seems to know how to properly prepare it for us, so we settle for whatever comes out of the can or bag, despite the fact no one has yet to develop a decent mouse flavor in that either.
But we do like sitting on top of the monitors (and your televisions) because felines feel we should be the center of your attention.
No human has ever truly experienced rejection until they've been ignored by a cat.

If we ever get to go shopping, we prefer to do it by catalogue.
I can't speak for other felines, but my favorite color is purrrple.

Don't know about you, but us cats are also sick and tired about the weather joke concerning the rain.
It is NOT raining cats and dogs. Stop and think about that for a second. How would they get up in the clouds to begin with?
Besides, I've never heard a human complain about it hailing taxis.🚕🚕
And just like nature, cats abhor vacuums too!
Well, I think that's that for now.
There's a sunny🌅 spot with my name on it waiting for me to take a quick cat nap in, so take care.
STAY SAFE! 😷And please be back here next weekend for more Sunday Funnies!PDK.

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