Saturday, April 17, 2010


*Volcanic activity continues in Iceland. Authorities have grounded all air traffic for at least another 24 hours, which has kept some contestants from arriving in America to compete in the Boston Marathon tomorrow. Local residents remain in shelters away from their homes.
*Meanwhile, scientists are concerned about the health hazards resulting from all that volcanic ash both short and long term; as well as the overall effect the Iceland eruptions might have to the planet, especially in light of the fact that with the melting ice caps and other climate changes, other volcanoes in the region might become active too.
*United States President Barack Obama hosted a summit this week to discuss the state of nuclear arms with other world leaders, especially tactics to keep these dangerous devices out of the hands of terrorists.
*President Obama also announced his plans for the future of NASA this week, including updating the Kennedy Space Center and hoping that man will be orbiting another planet (Mars), if not actually setting foot upon it within his lifetime. No word on the fate of the space shuttle program, which only has three scheduled missions left in its current agenda.
*With Burger King now restarting their attempt at a breakfast (mc)muffin, has anyone noticed that the Subway sandwich shops have now started serving breakfast too?
*The Stinson Seafood Plant closed its doors this week, making sardines no longer a domestically produced product within the United States.
*This week marked the 40th anniversary of the break up of The Beatles.
*The Fox series Human Target had it's season finale this week, while the ABC series Ugly Betty aired its last episode.
*Sci-fi fans are rejoicing that BBC America will start airing the new season of Doctor Who tonight. Check your local listings for time and cable channel.
*John McAllister of Seattle, Washington has set a new world's record score on the arcade version of Asteroids! of 41,338,740 points after 58 hours of play. The old record of 41,336,440 was set by Scott Safran in 1982.
*Phil Mickelson won the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Florida.

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