Saturday, April 10, 2010


*Poland's President Lech Zaczynski, his wife, and about 130 other people, including the flight crew, have died after their plane crashed in Western Russia after attempting a landing on a fog bound air strip. The group was arriving to attend a national event.
*The April 15th deadline for filing Federal Income Taxes is fast approaching. The Obama administration reminds tax payers that if they are eligible, there are new tax credits available for first time home buyers, college students, those who made energy efficiency improvements to their residences, and other options available.
*The bodies of the four missing West Virgina coal miners were recovered yesterday, ending rescue operations. While investigations into the tragic accident continue, early reports confirm that "the end was relatively peaceful for them".
*Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens has announced his plans to retire, pending President Barack Obama finding his successor. Congressional Republicans have already vowed to block any nominee who's "too liberal" from assuming the bench.
*While Apple's I-PAD is now on the market, Hewlett Packard has announced plans to debut their version of the device, which is supposed to have app(lication)s the other doesn't, and address "problems" the Apple product is supposed to have.
*Duke won the 2010 NCAA Mens College Basketball Tournament while the University of Connecticut won the Womens championship.
*Tiger Woods has returned to professional golf, competing in this weekend's Masters Tournament. However he has already broken one of his promises, being caught cursing over his lousy performance in the third round played earlier today.
*Elizabeth Taylor is allegedly dating again.
*Playboy founder Hugh Heffner is considering getting married once more.
*Actor Meinhardt Raabe, best known as the Munchkin coroner in the 1939 musical version of The Wizard of Oz, has passed away at age 94.

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