Thursday, April 1, 2010


It's April first, 4010; also known as April Fools Day to those using the old Earth calendar.
Long before the ancients wised up and started using the Internet and PCs properly, would you believe they recorded all their data BY HAND on a fragile material called paper?
Thankfully we're long past such archaic methods.
But while history shows that today is the traditional day for pulling what are supposed to be harmless pranks and gags on our fellow beings, some of our ancestors had the
(mis)fortune to be born upon this date.
Amongst those are:
*Physician William Harvey (1578) First doctor to record human blood circulation
*Baron Otto Von Bismarck (1815) Former Prime Minister of Prussia, first Chancellor of Germany
*Composer Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873)
*Actor Lon Chaney, Senior (1883) The "Man of a Thousand Faces"
*Psychologist Abraham Maslow (1908) Pioneer in studying human behavior
*Painter Anchise Picchi (1911)
*Actor Toshiro Mifune (1920) (The Seven Samuari, Rashomon)
*Author Anne McCaffrey (1926) (The Pern series of books and numerous other works)
*Actress Jane Powell (1929)
*Actor Gordon Jump (1932)
*Actress Debbie Renyolds (1932)
*Actress Ali MacGraw (1938)
*Musician John Barbata (1945) Drummer for The Turtles, Jefferson Airplane/Starship, and others
*Musician Jimmy Cliff (1948) Reggae/Ska maestro
*Wrestler Randy Orton (1980)
*Actress Hannah Spearitt (1981)
*Comedienne Waxy Dragon (2???)
*Wood craftsman Roger Rustman (22??) Proved existence of the Ent when tried to carve one of them by accident
*Jacq Q'sto (23??) First to confirm existence of Atlantis, reached peaceful accord with Merfolk
*Astronaut Bernie Cynder (24??) First to set foot on the sun
*Explorer Lee Houston the Fourth (25??) First to set foot on New Earth III
*Gorp of Gleep (29??) United his race against the opressive Bloops in 3024
*N'yuk of N.Y.U.K. (30??) Unsuccesfully tried to unify the universe under the peaceful teachings of The Three Stooges
*Dyba of Venusia (32??) Successfully unified the universe in peach under the teachings of Sir Robin of Williams

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