Monday, July 25, 2011


The following is an editorial.

In hopes of breaking the stalemate currently keeping anything from being accomplished on the issue, United States of America President Barack Obama briefly addressed the nation this evening to explain his position on the budget debate currently plaguing Congress.

In his speech, the President explained that it wasn't just a matter of attempting to balance the budget, but needing to raise the debt ceiling limit as well in order for America to be able to meet its financial obligations. Otherwise, payments such as Social Security and Veterans' Benefits would be at risk.

The problem seems to lie with some Republican members of the House of Representatives. They are all for massive budget cuts and reduced spending, regardless of which programs and services might be harmed in the process. Yet they refuse to even consider rescinding existing tax breaks to the rich so that everyone contributes fairly to the financial income and well being of the United States.

In his rebuttal address after the President's speech, House of Representatives Majority Leader John Boehner, a Republican representing the state of Ohio,claimed that there were already a couple of possible budget proposals that had bi-partisan support, but allegedly President Obama refuses to sign any of them because they do not raise the debt ceiling limit, which would give the government the authority to spend more money.

However, it should be noted that not once in his speech did Boehner mention the existing tax cuts to the rich in any way, shape, or form. Instead he kept stressing how America needed to tighten its economic belt and balance the budget to face the tough times ahead.

President Obama himself acknowledged that neither side is totally blameless in events that have gone on for years, leading to the current situation. There are also a couple of proposals that would extend the deadline by as much as one year, but why delay things only to be at the same impasse again later?

So who's right?

If the current situation is not resolved by August 2, the country is at risk of defaulting on bills and having its International credit standing lowered, things that in the long run will affect every citizen, no matter what side of the issue they might be on.

The Free Choice E-zine urges Congress to DO THE RIGHT THING!
Balance the budget, tax the rich more fairly by taking away their special loopholes and cuts, and raise the debt ceiling at least enough to adjust for inflation and compound interest on the existing debt.

Doing that does not mean that the country will start spending more.
The worst that will happen if the rich are taxed more fairly (like the rest of us) is that some of them might not make any campaign contributions between now and the Presidential election in 2012.

Besides Congress, you are supposed to be representing us: WE, THE PEOPLE.
The voters who previously elected you into office are the same ones who can kick you out of office come the next election.

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