Saturday, July 16, 2011


Amongst events that have happened around the world this past week include:

*Rupert Murdoch's News Corp has taken out full page ads in England, apologizing for his News of the World tabloid's hacking of cell phones while covering the murder of a school girl. Meanwhile, two high ranking officials within his media organization have resigned as Scotland Yard and British Parliament continue their respective investigations. Recent events are also drawing more attention to Murdoch's other holdings, like FOX News, but no public comments have yet to be made about News Corp's other divisions. The scandal has also caused News of the World to shut down its offices and Murdoch to cancel his bid to by the British BSkyB.
*United States President Barack Obama is in debate with Congress over balancing the budget and the possibility of raising the nation's debt ceiling limit, while Republicans are pushing for more budget cuts while keeping the existing tax breaks and other perks for the rich.
*Meanwhile, President Obama is expected to meet with the Dali Lama soon, despite China's objections.
*The United Nations has accepted the recently formed nation of South Sudan for membership.
*The planet Neptune has completed its first known orbit of the Sun since being discovered in 1846.
*The once thought extinct rainbow toad has been rediscovered in Borneo.

*A grass roots protest against Netflix impending rate hikes and policy changes is underway on Facebook.
*Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have separated after seven years of marriage. Divorce proceedings are pending.
*Television producer Sherwood Schwartz (Gilligan's Island, The Brady Bunch) has passed away at age 94.

*The National League won the 2011 All-Star Game by a score of 5-1 against the American League in professional baseball held Tuesday night, and now whatever NL team goes to the 2011 World Series will have home field advantage. Meanwhile, Prince Fielder of the Milwaukee Brewers was named the game's Most Valuable Player.
*Robinson Cano of the New York Yankees won the 2011 Home Run Derby, held the night before the All Star Game. The event raised over $600,000 (US Dollars) for charity.
*With the conclusion of the All Star Game, Major League Baseball has begun the second half schedule of their 2011 season.

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