Monday, July 4, 2011


Today, the United States of America celebrates its 235 year of Independence.
But how did it all come about?
In all honesty, it wasn't easy.
As the years passed, the descendants of the original colonists wondered why their fledgling country was still part of England and in time, decided they were perfectly capable of governing themselves.
However the British monarchy of the time didn't like that idea, and tried to keep what is now America under the crown's rule.
In the end, not only did the United States gain its independence, but America and Great Britain became friends and allies.
The following might be a bit on the simplistic side, but is quite entertaining in its own way.
From the classic Saturday morning series School House Rock, we humbly present two selections from the America Rocks! curriculum on American history.

First is "No More Kings" from 1975, written by Lynn Ahrens and performed by Ahrens with Bob Dorough.

Then we have 1976's "The Shot Heard 'Round The World", written and performed by Dorough.

Both videos are courtesy of YouTube, and are copyrighted by School House Rock, Ink. Inc.

Hope you enjoy them and HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!

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