Saturday, July 30, 2011


Amongst the headlines of events happening around the world this past week:

*The United States' budget woes continue as the August 2nd deadline looms. The Democratic controlled Senate has rejected the Republican sponsored budget bill of severe cuts without raising the debt ceiling, while the Republican controlled House of Representatives' rejected the Democrat's budget bill that included raising the debt ceiling but without enough budget cuts from the Republican point of view, leaving Americans wondering why the two sides can't get anything done. Meanwhile, if Congress does not unite to pass a budget by the deadline, rumor has it that President Barack Obama will enact the power of the 14th Amendment to the United States' Constitution and raise the debt ceiling himself.
Your Free Choice E-zine will continue to monitor and report on the story, but stands by its previous editorial on the subject, posted earlier this week.

*Ollantla Humala has been sworn in as Peru's new President.

*The annual trade deadline for Major League Baseball teams July 31st.
*Meanwhile, professional football teams are scrambling to get ready for the 2011 season now that a new contract agreement is in place.

*This is the 20th anniversary for Lollapalooza.
*August marks the 40th anniversary of the legendary Concert for Bangladesh.
*Due to poor sales and a troublesome economy, Nintendo has cut the price of its new 3DS system.

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