Sunday, July 24, 2011


Hello Everybody! Autumn the Puppy here!
Although I haven't posted any in a while, I always keep my trusty camera at paw in case there is a good photo opportunity.
In my family, besides my big brother Ranger the Labrador Retriever and my Human 'owners', I also live with a bunch of cats!
And before the rest of my fellow canines say anything, remember that we live in more modern times and a lot of us are in complex family matrices.
But I'll admit, it's not easy trying to co-exist with felines.
It seems all they want to do all day is sleep when sleeping is for night time. And of course they'll sleep anywhere!
Max in a box

Merlin, same box

Take these two fine examples of cat hood. The tabby on the left is Max, the head of the feline portion of our household. That box might be a little too small for him, but he doesn't care. That's cattitude for you.
The younger fellow on the right is Merlin, half of a set of twins that came along later. To say that they look up to their older siblings is a serious understatement.  Merlin is pictured in the exact same box Max slept in earlier that day. Granted, it is a slightly better fit for Merlin, being a bit on the snuggly side instead of overflowing with feline, but you still have to wonder about him.


This tuxedo clad fellow is called Oreo because of his fur pattern. There is a cream colored underbelly on that cat, but you can rarely see it when he naps, like on the food preparation table in our kitchen where he knows he shouldn't be, but sleeps anyway.
He and the others like to stay out all night when the weather is good. The other three go hunting, but Oreo claims he goes to more 'formal' occasions.
Where? What five star restaurant allows cats?

Mischief, with his "innocent" look

The other cat, litter mate to Merlin, in my household is appropriately named Mischief, because that seems to be his chief occupation and specialty.
Don't let that innocent face fool you. We're always finding things out of place or missing whenever he's around, especially food.
But since he and the other cats like to stay outdoors whenever the weather is good, maybe that's why they sleep all the time inside.
Your guess is as good as mine folks.
All I know is that when they are outside, they usually go hunting and don't come anywhere near me and Ranger unless they have a dead mouse they want to share. 

Well, that's this for today everybody. Have a great week and please be back here next weekend for more Sunday Funnies!

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