Saturday, July 23, 2011


Amongst events around the world this past week include:

*As the United States moves closer to its self imposed deadline to balance the country's budget, White House officials are puzzled as to why key Republican members of Congress are suddenly not returning their calls.
*While authorities have a suspect in custody concerning the recent Norway murders, they have yet to discover a motive or any terrorist connections. 92 people are confirmed dead between a bombing in Oslo and a shooting spree in Utoya.
*In the latest developments concerning the International Phone Hacking Scandal that the News of the World tabloid is involved in: Investigating authorities have arrested the recently resigned Murdoch Media Executive Rebekah Brooks while "whistleblower" Sean Hoare has been found dead in his home. Meanwhile, the portions of English government that hired former members of the tabloid's staff are being investigated too.
*The Space Shuttle Atlantis returned to Earth safely, thus ending both its final mission and the shuttle program completely.
*The Borders Bookstore chain has started liquidation proceedings.
*After a brief survey of Mars, the Dawn space probe has reached Vesta within the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.

*Singer Amy Winehouse has been found dead within her personal residence. Reports are uncertain as to the cause of her passing.

*While the National Football League and its players are on the verge of reconciling, it is unknown just what kind of a season will result. Normally training camps would already be in session, with pre-season games held in August before the regular season begins in September. That is not counting the fact that some players (especially rookies) have yet to be signed to contracts. The earliest the players could go back to work is mid-August.
*Brett Blyleven, Roberto Alomar, and Pat Gillick will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on Sunday.
*Japan won the FIFA Women's World Cup by beating the USA 3-2 in a penalty kick shoot out.
*Yao Ming has officially retired from professional basketball.

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