Thursday, October 4, 2012


Since it is hard at times nowadays for any journalistic entity to maintain total neutrality when reporting on political events, the following is presented as an editorial.

Last night, Republican hopeful Mitt Romney faced off against Incumbent Democratic President Barack Obama in the first of three scheduled debates.

The economy, healthcare, and the government in general were the main topics of discussion. While both men stayed on the issues, the previously agreed upon time format for the debate apparently went out the proverbial window pretty quickly.

The issue of jobs was mentioned a couple of times, but sadly neither candidate elaborated upon the topic further than using it as a reference point for other subjects.

The Free Choice E-zine will readily admit that Romney appeared better prepared than we expected him to be, but in the end fell back upon previous Republican rhetoric, stating (party) opinions about what the Obama administration has done (wrong), despite the fact that most of the existing problems arose during the administration of previous Republican President George W. Bush; more than ever giving specific details about how he would fulfill his campaign promises and other things he would do in office if elected.

The former Massachusetts Governor, attempting to endear himself to the Middle Class, cited budget "loopholes" that he would close, yet couldn't name any when asked by both President Obama and debate moderator Jim Lehrer of PBS.

Romney reversed himself on a couple of key issues, saying he was misquoted and would keep "portions" of Social Security and Obama Care (aka the Affordable Health Care Reform Act). He also said that he would cut all (remaining) government funding to PBS, and increase military spending to "keep America strong" despite the fact that the Pentagon itself has not asked for any additional funds.

When the issue of taxes was brought up, Romney never mentioned whether or not he would maintain or increase cuts for the rich, yet tried to explain how he would reorganize the tax structure, which sounded a lot like "fuzzy math" based upon no clear plan to this E-zine.

Romney, and the Republican Party's, position still seems to be sending what it can of Federal Government responsibilities to the individual states and the private sector to handle if they cannot cut the "unwanted" programs all together.

There have been a lot of opinion polls conducted since the debate was held with mixed results in regards to who "won", but the Free Choice E-zine maintains its position that the only poll that really matters is the one that will be held November 6th.


Meanwhile, the Vice Presidential candidates: Incumbent Joe Biden and challenger Paul Ryan, will have their lone debate October 11th.

President Obama next faces Romney in a town hall style event October 16th, with the third and last scheduled for October 22. Foreign policies is scheduled to be the main topic of conversation for the last one.

The above was an editorial.

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