Sunday, October 28, 2012


"Shh! I'm in disguise!"
Ms. Waxy Dragon here!
I'm wearing my Halloween costume right now because my favorite candy day is coming up!
I have to admit, the tail is a little tight and I can't really flap my wings as much as I would prefer to, but it still is a neat costume, don't you think?
I was originally thinking about dressing up as somebody from Scooby Doo, then I wouldn't have to wait until midnight to unmask everybody, but if I do that then they might not give me any chocolate, and I want all I can get!
Meanwhile, it's joke time, so here are some fun Halloween facts!

Did you know that the most famous Halloween figure in Ireland is Jack O'Lantern?

Dracula's favorite dog is the blood hound.

Did you know skeletons's are great musicians? While most prefer the trombone, some are good at the drums because they like hitting those skins!

Mummies favorite music style is wrap!

The circumference of a pumpkin, divided by its diameter, equals pumpkin pi.

Did you know that witches fly on brooms because vacuum cleaners are too heavy to achieve lift off? But they're great for cleaning!
"Here I am! Where's the chocolate?"

Vampires love baseball, but all they ever want to do is bat.

Phantoms love the roller ghosters at amusement parks!

Well, that's all the time and space I have for this weekend. Stay safe, Trick and Treat responsibly, and we'll be back next weekend with more Sunday Funnies!-wd.

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