Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Considering how much I love reading, I began to wonder why I had not been posting reviews of the books I've read, so without further ado...

Harper Collins, 387 pages

Let me start off by saying that I think it's fantastic that Dick Wolf has decided to start pursuing a literary career on top of his long standing television resume.
But considering his decades long association with the Law and Order franchise, one should not be surprised to see some similarities between that and his first novel.
The New York Police Department has its own Intelligence Division to discover and prevent terrorist threats before they occur. THE INTERCEPT is the fictitious first adventure of one of their investigators: Jeremy Fisk.
Fisk and his partner, Krina Gersten, are following a series of events from an attempted plane hijacking that had absolutely no chance of succeeding to a major assassination attempt at the re-dedication of the World Trade Center over the Fourth of July weekend.

As with any episode of any series within the Law and Order franchise, there are a couple of major plot twists before the climax that I will not give away, but will tell you that one of them I was completely surprised by!

Long time fans of Wolf's television work can easily draw parallels between his book's main cast and TV characters.

For myself, I can easily see Intel Division Captain Barry Dubin played by Jamey Sheridan, like he did James Deakins during the opening years of Criminal Intent. Jeremy Sisto (Detective Cyrus Lupo during the final seasons of Law and Order) could portray Jeremy Fisk, and Milena Govich seems perfectly cast to me as Krina Gersten, for the lady detective is akin to Nina Cassaday from that character's tenure on L&O.

Yet while Wolf was drawing upon familiar ground for his first novel, there is one quibble that I could not ignore, but does not spoil the overall story. When trying to figure out what the terrorist's target might be, a comment was made that thankfully "the Yankees were away", playing baseball on the west coast.

But what about the New York METS? Yankees fans generally ignore the "other" team, except for the latest installment of the infamous Subway Series. Yet one would think that the Intel Division of the NYPD would not ignore the National League baseball team in their fair city.

Otherwise, I give this novel a solid 'B', and wonder what Dick Wolf has planned for Jeremy Fisk next, for even the cover hints that this is only the first appearance of the character.

Now then, this feature has no name at present. I strongly considered THE BOOK NOOK, but that seems too pedestrian and cliched to me. If you can think of a better name than that, feel free to e-mail us at FreeChoiceEzine with your suggestion.
In any event, the next book review will be on Monster Earth from Mechanoid Press, as soon as I finish reading it.

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