Monday, February 25, 2013


Moonstone Books, 125 pages
While I am currently reading Monster Earth, I thought I should backtrack a bit and share my thoughts with everyone concerning the book I read before THE INTERCEPT BY DICK WOLF.

Got this book as a Christmas (2012) present and once I started, was surprised when I reached the end because it was such a fast-paced adventure.
Someone from the Lone Ranger's past is threatening his future by killing the few who truly know the man behind the mask.
The only clues the Ranger and Tonto have are a copper bullet and a trail of bodies that leads to Bryant's Gap, where the man he was died and the masked rider of the plains was born and might die again, after Tonto and the last living member of his family precede him to the grave.
Howard Hopkins was obviously a fan of the original radio and television programs, for I kept thinking of Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels throughout this adventure that should be considered canon, if it isn't already.
While sadly Howard Hopkins is no longer with us to write more Lone Ranger adventures beyond this book and the short story he contributed to THE LONE RANGER CHRONICLES, also from Moonstone that I hope to read someday, this book now has me on the trail of his long running western series for more good reading.

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