Wednesday, May 29, 2013


While I have bragged about my own humble writing efforts here, we cannot forget The Free Choice E-zine's resident poetess Nancy Hansen. While sadly, she has been too busy with her other writing efforts to supply us with any fresh poems lately, by no means has her writing efforts been idle.

In promotion of her latest release PROPHECY'S GAMBIT (part two of the Greenwood trilogy that began with FORTUNE'S PAWN), Nancy  has just had a rather detailed interview by Mark Bousquet posted on the Atomic Anxiety website that can be read here:

Nancy has been building a rich fantasy world in the lands of Terra Luminus between the aforementioned books, along with TALES OF THE VAGABOND BARDS and THE HUNTRESS OF GREENWOOD; with each volume being complete unto itself, so it is not necessary to read all the previous works to enjoy the latest release; although you will be missing out on quite an adventure and some great reading if you don't.

And I do know that within that realm, she is working on both another independent anthology and the conclusion of the trilogy in what she laughingly calls her "spare" time. All the Terra Luminus books are available from Pro Se Press, while Nancy has branched out into other works with stories in SINBAD: THE NEW VOYAGES from Airship 27, MONSTER EARTH from Mechanoid Press, and the Pulp Obscura collection: THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SENORITA SCORPION, also from Pro Se.

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